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Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the stories that Crow’s Feet writers published in the past week.

Nancy Peckenham, Editor

The Ups and Downs of Retirement

Takeaways From First Year of “Retirement.” Some things worked out as expected. Others? Not so much. By Clay “CJ” James

When a Person Retires, Does She Still Exist? Is a person defined by their occupation? By Brenda Mahler

What a Painted Box Finally Taught Me about My Retirement Fears. It took 27 years. I’m a slow learner. By Chris A Raymond

The Big Question I Think I Just Answered. Retirement or rebranding — which is it? By Jill Ebstein

Easy Life Transitions Become Less Quick and More Difficult as We Get Older. By Richard Armstrong

Hobbies or Just Enjoying Life

Best Life At 70. “Blessed and Highly Favored. By Ralph M Davis

Afternoons with MeTV. When sidelined by surgery, we need a way to pass the time. By Meryl Baer

Saving Our Family History. For some of us, it’s what we’re called to do. By Ruby Lee

Health & Wellness

Will Specific Foods Really Keep You From Getting Dementia? What science says about diet and cognitive decline. By Lauren Lynn Bradley

How Nocturia Can Ruin A Good Night’s Sleep. The hazards of a late night trip to the bathroom. By Darren Weir

The Cringey Truth About Getting a Colonoscopy And Other Medical Tests.Scientists, could you invent a less embarrassing process? By Greta Dias

May Is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. By Richard Armstrong

Tips for Better Living

Seniors, Don’t Go Shopping on Saturdays! We become invisible and stay that way until Monday. By Carole Olsen

We Baby Boomers Need to Loosen Up When It Comes to the Younger Generation. Remember, It hasn’t been that long ago when our folks complained about us! By Ruby Lee

Facing Our Feelings

On Tweaks and Wonky Widgets. Mental health is not just a young person’s game. By Ren Powell

The Deafening Silence of Grief. I am staying home today, all day. I need to be quiet, alone, in solitude, silent. By Jo Saia

A Cure for Loneliness

How to Fight Social Isolation as You Age. Talking to strangers can benefit you in later years. By Nancy Peckenham

Let’s Make a Forest. The value of community. By Laura Culberg- Welcoming Opposites

On Becoming Better

Two Seas. The hoarding sea and the renewing sea. By Gerad Carrier

What Makes Us Old Timers Likable and Why it Matters. By Richard Armstrong

Your Voice is Everywhere. I have been a fairly quiet person for most of my life . By Jo Saia

Practical Advice

15 Popular Phone Scams, Part II. Some of these schemes are truly brilliant. By Lauren Lynn Bradley

15 Popular Phone Scams, Part III. Some of these schemes are truly brilliant. By Lauren Lynn Bradley

My Idea Bank is Overloaded. Just when I thought I had reached the age of forgetting things. By Robin Oakman

Things We Love

If The Shoe Fits: Buy It Again. My athletic shoes confirm the obvious: I’m a true Dad. By Ron Wayne

Geezer Tour Buses are Rolling Again. The rush to make up for two years at home. By Sharon Johnson


Backpacking Almost Got Me Killed. I was so much more adventurous when I was young. By Mary McGrath

The Upside of Covid: Remedial Geography. A week into Covid, I told my daughter I had brain frog. By Kate Stone Lombardi

Two Kickers You Don’t Want to Miss

Express Yourself. Psychologists say the first teenage love is experienced at around 17 years of age. By Brian Dickens Barrabee



“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) Non-fiction pieces, personal essays and occasional poems that explore how we feel about how we age and offer tips for getting the most out of life.

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Nancy Peckenham

Journalist, editor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. Editor of Crow’s Feet