Crow’s Feet
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Crow’s Feet

Do you hear the clock tickin

And even if the clock is ticking, will your hearing pick it up?

Using Dad’s history as a guide, I have precious few years until the brilliant functions of my mind begin to dull. OK, maybe the average functions will fall below the mid-line. And OK, maybe accelerate, not begin. Dull is the active word.

Soon, I’ll reach the age at which Dad’s organizational and speech abilities went into noticeable decline…

“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) Non-fiction pieces, personal essays and occasional poems that explore how we feel about how we age and offer tips for getting the most out of life.

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Randy Fredlund

I Write. Hopefully, you smile. Or maybe think a new thought. Experiences and observations are presented in words and images.