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This is an email from Crow's Feet: Life As We Age, a newsletter by Crow’s Feet.

For everyone who survived the election season, here’s a special treat. We had too many great stories about embracing life as we age to fit in our last newsletter, so you’re getting two batches of Crow’s Feet stories in one week.

This is 40. 42 to be exact by Jen Kleinknecht

The True Secret to Happiness. Ask an ancient person by Julia E Hubbel

Was it Dementia? Or Just Stress. Adventures in Aging by Roz Warren

The Day I Realized I Was Turning Into My Mother. It happens to all of us — despite our best efforts by Rose Bak

Twenty Years. A high school reunion and retirement story by Dennett

Unfinished Embroidery. Poignant Reminders by Thewriteyard

For My Granddaughters.“You can be anything you want to be.” By Ann Litts

Now Is The Time To Do What You Really Want To Do. Because today is yesterday’s tomorrow by Bev Potter

The Analogy. A pandemic story by Dennett

A Seventyish Woman Has a Dream for America. I think the strongest feeling I have about the results of the election is disappointment in almost half of my fellow Americans by Jean Anne Feldeisen

Thankfully the Election is Over. Now it’s time to be good citizens by Jean Anne Feldeisen

November Coming. Moody light toys with autumn colors by Jean Anne Feldeisen

Two Chances to Get New Ideas About Aging. Now that it’s snowing, I need stimulation inside my house by Nancy Peckenham

The Gift of Temporary Blindness. How badminton changed the way I see by Max K. Erkiletian

The Freedom of Age. Getting More Colorful Over Time by Max K. Erkiletian

Tiny Love Stories. Big feelings in a few well-chosen words by Cindy Shore Smith

STRESS! What it does to your mind and body and how to stop it! By Jo Ann Harris

You’re Not Funny, You Old Fart. Cautions for Hoary Humorists by Randy Fredlund

Give a gift filled with ideas about to get the most out of later life, Crow’s Feet: Life As We Age, now in paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Bookshop, where sales benefit your local independent bookseller.



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Nancy Peckenham

Journalist, editor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. Editor of Crow’s Feet