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This is an email from Crow's Feet: Life As We Age, a newsletter by Crow’s Feet.

Generational finger-pointing is a trend spiraling upward, another manifestation of how society is coming apart at the seams.

The OK Boomer message, in which younger generations blame the boomers for everything that has gone wrong, is gaining traction, with at least one TV series based on that assumption in the works.

The OK Boomer message has prompted several Crow’s Feet writers to respond. Here’s what they’re saying:

Julia E. Hubbel argues that the world has enough problems and we don’t need the distraction of generation-bashing in “OK Boomer.” And you think this is original?

Zoe Berry writes that generations need one another and we should emphasis building social ties between them now. Read Why We Should Resist Any Urge to Join the Ageing Tribe

Nancy Peckenham takes a look at her own behavior and that of other boomers and sees how boomer behavior toward younger people could improve in Bridging the Generation Gap.

Issues of self-image and how society sees people as they age pop up constantly in our lives. The writer known as Grey Hen with a Pen shares a remarkable poem about the shock of seeing your worth evaporate in other’s eyes as you age in Redundant.

In a different vein, Julia E. Hubbel questions how our youth-obsessed culture twists the meaning of Looking Your Age.

Julia also shares comments from her Medium community that lift her up and motivate her to stay on track as she ages in Walk the Talk.

Ann Litts writes that her future is bright because she is letting go of emotions and thoughts that no longer serve her, and allowing love to lead the way. Read The Best Parts.

Physical therapist Brittany Denis says that her healthiest senior patients “focus on activities they enjoy, move daily, and spend time with loved ones.” Read The Answer is Less Instead of More

Warren Turner learns to adapt to his aging body at age 80, exercising regularly so he can still handle the small tasks of life in Too old to tango but not that helpless.

Brenda Mahler recounts the challenges she faced when her father went into the ICU following a stroke.Maybe This is Not Your Lesson to Learn.

Grey Hen with A Pen writes about the people who shaped her as a child, her grandparents, in Tales From My Granny’s House

Ricky Thomas Gordon lives on the other side of the world from his hometown and he considers his future in When Are You Going to Retire and Move Back Home?

We’re receiving lots of piece of about life in your 70s, part of our month-long focus Envision 70, and have several to share.

After surviving cancer several times, Helen Bartley writes that if she lives into her 70s, she will share her enthusiasm for life, “unafraid to live and unafraid to die.” Read Life in the Extreme.

Eric Guisinger has some advice about reducing the wear-and-tear on your body in Seventy In The Rear-View Mirror.

DB McNicol is looking forward to the adventures awaiting in her 70s. Her life has changed dramatically since she took off to see the world as she explains in 70s — Time To Slow Down?

Warren Turner can’t envision his 70s because he’s 80 so he wrote about what he did that decade instead. Read Think I missed my 70's.

Have you got a vision of what your life will be like in your 70s? We’d love to share it on Crow’s Feet.

We’re accepting personal stories, poems, even fiction, that express your vision of life in your 70s — even if you are already in your 70s or beyond!

Submit your stories directly to Crow’s Feet if you’re already a writer here. If you’re not yet a Crow’s Feet writer, send your unpublished Medium story to

The 70s pieces will be featured in a special edition Crow’s Feet newsletter in late December.

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