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I’m a Senior Citizen: Don’t Ask Me to Unplug!

I enjoy technology; it helps me relax.

Photo by Alejandro Escamilla on Unsplash

“Unplug yourself, you spend too much time online,” my lady friend said in a scolding manner “you’ll feel better, enjoy life more.”

“Bull crap!” I responded, sounding like Archie Bunker, “I’ve over $2,000 invested in computers and smartphones. I’m not giving it up. Why unplug?”




“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) Non-fiction pieces, personal essays and occasional poems that explore how we feel about how we age and offer tips for getting the most out of life.

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Lee J. Bentch

Lee J. Bentch

I am an author, a technology guy, a grandad, a widower, and a man with many interests. I write to inform and entertain. Email:

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