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This is an email from Crow's Feet: Life As We Age, a newsletter by Crow’s Feet.

Inside, find the stories that are emerging as we search to understand our new reality. Our stories are diverse yet still strike universal themes that we are all experiencing.

The current pandemic has brought us together. Many of you have reached out and several new writers have joined Crow’s Feet in the past month. Our community it growing!

We start this edition of Crow’s Feet with a poem that reminded me that we have to be kind to ourselves now more than ever.

Nancy Peckenham, Editor

Old Trees. Deborah Barchi writes a poem from an unapologetic tree hugger.

I Barely Recognize Myself. Quasimodo wants to know how he is going to get his aging well mojo back.

The Crossroads. Ann Litts sees the re-opening of society as a chance to re-define how we are living.

Connected. Ann Litts finds the pandemic has brought a gift of the glitter storm.

Trust The Journey. Ann Litts writes that we should embrace the twists and turns of life.

How to Support the Elderly and Sick During Social Distancing. Brenda Mahler writes that she learned that caring for a parent at home may sometimes be a better option than the hospital

Coping in the Time of Pandemic — Lessons from the 80+ Generation. Katharine Esty PhD is 85 years old and she has some insight on surviving the turbulence.

The Positive Pause of 2020, or not! Norma Bourland advises how to have a positive outcome during the stay-at-home pandemic.

How We Are Amusing Ourselves During the Quarantine. Jean Anne Feldeisen has some random ideas for couples living in isolation.

No Bra Needed During the Quarantine. Mary McGrath enjoys the setting herself free.

Death in Syracuse NY, August 1920. Joseph Graziano uncovers a family secret that involved the tragic shooting death of a six-year-old boy.

Popcorn Nights. Mark Starlin recalls the family ritual of sharing popcorn in the 1960s.

Life’s A Beach. Robert Bush writes that a brush with death re-arranged how he thought about life.

Life Lessons? No thanks. Robert Bush questions the appeal of self-improvement gurus when life itself offers so many pleasures.

Ages & Stages: Transition. Lisa Wathen reaches the half-century mark and finds it is time for re-invention.

I Wish I Liked to Cook as Much as I Like to Eat! Mary Dalton Selby hangs up her apron strings after preparing 30,000 meals over a lifetime.

Menopause In The Time of Covid. Geraldine Murphy adds menopause to the list of current challenges and finds some answers.

Hurry Up. Rkayell finds meaning in a hike with an old friend.

My Friend, Dan, Died in an Automobile Accident. Jean Anne Feldeisen remembers how he used to worry that too many donuts would kill him.

Ode to a Mother. Jean Anne Feldeisen writes a poem for Mother’s Day.

3 Things I’ve Recently Done to Manage My Bad Moods. Jean Anne Feldeisen has some ideas for making an attitude adjustment.

AHHHHH! Jean Crawford Evans writes about her new retirement journey.

“If I Had Know I Was Going to Live This Long. I would have taken better care of myself!” Jean Crawford Evans reflects on life.

I Am Not Afraid Of Falling. It’s the sudden stop at the bottom I fear. Jean Crawford Evans writes about an incident in a big box store.

I Woke Up Discombombulated the Other Day. Jean Crawford Evans has a day when nothing seems to go right.

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“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) Non-fiction pieces, personal essays and occasional poems that explore how we feel about how we age and offer tips for getting the most out of life.

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Nancy Peckenham

Nancy Peckenham

Journalist, editor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. Editor of Crow’s Feet

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