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It won’t be long before we’re ringing in the new year, making promises to ourselves to be better people, to appreciate what we have and to resurrect old dreams before our time runs out.

Crow’s Feet writers have been engaging in a lot of self-reflection and we begin this week’s story digest with essays by people who made a big change later in life.

It’s Deja-vu All Over Again. Reinventing Myself at 64. By Judah Leblang

What Happened Next? After a humiliating French language class in a room full of teenagers, I realised France wasn’t the only foreign country I was living in. By Janice Macdonald

I Might Be Crazy, but I’m Going Back to School at Age 53. Starting my third act with an overhaul of my work life. By Glad Doggett || Reader. Writer. Wanderer.

Elderly-in-Training. Is That You? You really can talk yourself to death. Fast. Here’s how to avoid that. By Julia E Hubbel

What Being a Middle-Aged Woman Means to Me. A response to Amy Sea’s story. By MonalisaSmiled

Now That’s My Idea of a Party. Skating through the awkwardness of hosting. By Laura Culberg- Welcoming Opposites

Being Childlike Keeps Me Young. Life’s too short to act your age. By Mary McGrath

Another Dawn is a Gift. Even when you’re being a little whiny. By PR King

Transitioning. Moving from life to death and beyond. By Laura Culberg- Welcoming Opposites

So Many Seniors are Singing the Holiday Blues. Thanksgiving and Christmas aren’t always like what we see on tv. By Ruby Lee

My Neighbor Died Thanksgiving Day Alone, Without Family. But we were his friends at the end. By Ruby Lee

How “Training for Surgery” Can Be Hugely Successful as You Go Grey. Ten days ago I had rotator cuff surgery. Already, I am ready for the gym. Here’s how that worked. By Julia E Hubbel

Night Blindness and My New Car. As you age, you may lose some of your ability to see in dim light. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

The Year I Got Old. My last year on workplace health benefits. By Stuart Grant

An Automotive Pioneer. My mother! A surrogate Ford. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

It’s Time To Take Your Ass. An Alzheimer’s story. By Randy Fredlund

A Seventyish Woman Suggests Three Ways You Can be More Content and Stop Postponing Happiness During… Are You Pinning Too Much on a Holiday? By Jean Anne Feldeisen

Grab an Attitude of Gratitude.You’ll feel better. By Mary Lou Heater

Variations on Thanksgiving Traditions. A Gratitude List Spiced with Za’atar and Olive Oil. By Trisha Ready

Eating After Thanksgiving is a Challenge — Your Innards Can Only Take So Much.Thanks a lot, 70s. By Jean Anne Feldeisen

Computer Games. Oh, how the world has changed! By Robin James

The Best Idea I’ve Had in Years. It’s shaped like a little metal egg. Boy does it work! By Julia E Hubbel

Have Redheads in Your Life? Redheads are different . It’s true. Super powers are bestowed upon those with brick-tops. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

My Friend the Garden Shed. We’re growing old together. By David Martin

The Best Football Movie You’ve Never Seen. By Tommy Lee Jones played for Harvard, a Yale fullback dated Meryl Streep, and the home team scored 16 points in 42 seconds. By Janice Harayda

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