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Crow’s Feet

Unsolicited Advice

Keep Moving!

Until you cannot

Baby Snapping Turtle in the grass. Clover and image by author.

Walking from the garage to the house, there was a glint that caught my eye. Two steps later, I asked myself, “What was that?”

The shell of a tiny turtle had reflected the sun.

“Whoa, little one, what are you doing here?”

It was late in the season for a baby turtle to be just emerging from a nest in the ground. And he was a long way from the water.

He protested, but I picked him up by the shell and transported him to a perch less than a foot from the edge of the creek running past the house. There was no trace of him when I returned.

Pretty sure I saved the little guy a full day’s worth of effort. Continued good fortune is up to him, but the intervention brought a smile to my face.

And it made it a good day. A great day. Moving the little guy about 200 body lengths certainly helped him on his way. Particularly since his GPS had him moving in a less than optimal direction when I found him. But as long as he kept moving, he’d find the water eventually, if not found by a mink or other similarly murderous mammal.

Time works against us all. Remember running? It’s on the continuum of movement for which our bandwidth is contracting.

More important is moving. Speed is much less relevant. The turtle knew that.

Sing along:

Keep Mooooving.

Keep Mooooving .

If we don’t move around, they’ll put us in the ground,

So Keeeeeeeeep Moving!

Very few who are sedentary live to a ripe old age. The healthy old ones, who maintain brains that still work, are walking, or biking, or swimming, or whatever-ing, under their own power.

Those electric scooters people never seem to dismount are the kiss of death. They should be avoided until there is absolutely no other choice.

It is unlikely a giant hand will come down from the heavens and gently move us to the beach. We need to manage our aches and pains and get there on our own.

But we gotta go!



“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) Non-fiction pieces, personal essays and occasional poems that explore how we feel about how we age and offer tips for getting the most out of life.

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