Crow’s Feet Prompt #58 — Music

Married to the Music

A lifetime (and beyond) of harmony

Ann Litts
Crow’s Feet
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3 min readMay 24, 2024


Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

When I was 18, I married a musician. At the time, he was the lead guitar player in a band aptly named — The Last Alliance. The keyboard player had come up with the name so to honor The Hobbit and the characters of The Last Alliance. However, his wife told him it was the LAST time she was going to humor his music-making proclivities so yes…this would be his last band, HIS last alliance.

As a young married couple, our weekends were filled with gigs. Back then, the band (and their girls) drank free and no one checked to see if any of us were legal. The keyboard player’s wife and I became good friends and would dance our feet off at every show. Before we could afford furniture or a TV, we had an amazing sound system and massive speakers.

When our children were born, their dad would sit by them with his acoustic guitar and make up silly lyrics to Winnie The Pooh or Puff The Magic Dragon. To this day, both our daughters remember his version of the songs and share them with The Magical Creatures (who are convinced that their mom, aunt, and grandfather were all a bit not quite right.)

Once we had kids, my husband’s music shifted focus. When we settled into our first house, we joined a local Catholic church…