Maybe You Don’t Need a Bucket List to be Happy

Take a look at the bucket you’ve already got

Denise Shelton
Crow’s Feet


Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash

I lost a friend 47 years ago today, June 1, 1977. The car accident that ended Len’s life disrupted his world and everyone in it. Among those who knew and loved him, he is not forgotten.

Although many years have passed since he died, we speak of him often. For most of us, he was the first person close to us who died young. That sudden, brutal realization of our mortality had an enduring impact. It changed us forever.

A recently published memoir recounts the incidents surrounding Len’s death and the aftermath, although the focus of the book is on the driver responsible. When it was first published, social media platforms frequented by our former classmates were abuzz with ancient gossip, speculation, and fond memories.

Beyond that, what items would Len be anxious to tick off his bucket list if he had lived as long as most of his peers? Would he even have one?

A life well-lived

Only 18 years long, Len’s life experience was regrettably small. He came from a loving family, the oldest child and only son with four adoring younger sisters. He was funny and sweet, a hell-raiser, but never malicious or cruel.