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This is an email from Crow's Feet: Life As We Age, a newsletter by Crow’s Feet.

This newsletter is late. The Crow’s Feet newsletter is meant to go out every Wednesday but yesterday I had too many things to do, and I couldn’t find the time. Instead of beating myself up, I stepped back and shrugged. “I’ll do it tomorrow,” I told myself. “The world won’t end.”

Letting go of the pressure of performing, of meeting expectations set by others, is one of the gifts of aging. It wasn’t easy for me to let go but finally, I’m learning.

This week, several Crow’s Feet writers examine the little voice in their heads that is always judging, always telling them to do more. They found the gift of aging is learning not to care.

We also have a pile of stories in response to our current Writing Prompt about grandparenting.

We have more for you. If you’re looking for ways to improve your fitness, or working on how to become a better person throughout your life, you’ll find it in the more than 50 stories submitted by Crow’s Feet writers this week.

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  • Nancy Peckenham, Editor

Inspired by the Grandparenting Prompt

Grandkid’s and Why Sometimes All You Can Do is Laugh. Kids say funny things.By Lee J. Bentch

Evolving Grandparenting. By Catherine Dunn

The Magical Creatures. Becoming a Grandparent — What a difference a generation makes! By Ann Litts

I Wasn’t Prepared to be a Grandmother. But here I am anyway. By Robin James

How Our Lives Change When Angels Come Into Our Lives. It saved me from “Old People Syndrome.” By Ellen Baker

10 Reasons I Adore my Grandson. He already “gets” fart jokes, which is a huge plus. By Brooke Ramey Nelson

The Life of a Fake Grandfather. Becoming a Grandparent. By Warren Turner

When a Newborn Makes You Grandma. Becoming a Grandparent. By Angie Mangino

Learning Not to Care

We Regret to Inform You… Firing the jury within. By Jo Saia

The Exhilarating Feeling of Not Giving a Flying Fig. Or the benefits of growing older. By Jacqui Smith

How Not to Care What Others Think. The battle I fight every day. By Monique Brennan MSc


The Place We Do Not Speak Of. God, give me back the time I spent thinking about work. By Jean Campbell

Should I Take my Social Security? And the one thing that you should always ignore. By Mel Schlesinger

Can I Afford to Retire? A Simple and Foolproof Formula. By Mel Schlesinger

Sticks and Stones may Break My Bones, and Words Still Matter. We need to kill off two terms. By Tim Dibble

It’s All Your Fault. You may not want to admit it, but it really is your fault. By Roger Grant

Health & Wellness

This Disease Doesn’t Discriminate. Reducing your dementia risk is the new adulting. By Jean Campbell

10 Facts About Fiber You May Not Know. And why your health may depend on eating enough. By Cindy Heath

Resistance Band Strength Training. Extend your strength training. By Gerad Carrier

Fitter or F***ed-er in your 50s-Part 2. As I entered my 50s, my fitness could have gone either way. By Clay “CJ” James

Stepper Success…finally! I am a reluctant exerciser, but as the years added pounds on my body, it was time to take action. By Meryl Baer

Swimming across the World. Or some small part of it. By Sharon Johnson

Arthur Ritis Came to Visit. On his shameful choice of business. By Sharon Johnson

Is a Heart Transplant for You? Is it Safe? Research is underway, but questions remain. By James Frank Sanders

Treating An Anxiety Disorder Like a Headache. That’s what the Mental Health worker did after my sister sat in the ER for eleven hours. By Carole Olsen

ADHD and Peri-Menopause — Is There a Connection? If you’re a woman who learned you had ADHD in your 40s or later this might be why. By Dani Gibbings McGaw

It’s Really Hard for an Aging Cook to Keep Up with the Changing Diets. Kidney diet dilemmas. By Jean Anne Feldeisen


My Struggle to Become the Generous Person I Want to be Began in Childhood and Ain’t Over Yet at 73. My issue began with the birth of my little sister. By Jean Anne Feldeisen

The Canvas and Palette of Your Life. I almost threw out a painting that I was working on several days ago. It just wouldn’t come out right, and I thought it was a lost cause. By Jo Saia

What Does it Take to Straighten Up and Act Right? Becoming a wise elder doesn’t happen by accident. We need to help each other navigate the changes. By Greg Hopkins

Signs of the Times. Why people are so rude and what you can do about it. ByLaurel Vespi

Getting Old(er) Is Inevitable, But You Don’t Have to Act Old. Acting old is a surefire way to drive people away from you! By Ruby Lee


Does Your Relationship Have What It Takes to Pass the Test of Time? In the end, you’ll know the truth. By Jaye Frances

You Wouldn’t Believe What Someone Said When They Asked me How Long I’d Been Married! Is gray divorce really a thing? By Ruby Lee


Grumpy Cat Expelled from Shelter. She loved her tomcat. She called him Balzac.By Brian Dickens Barrabee

The World Changed in the Space of a Hot Dog. I felt everything was under control when we sat down in the restaurant. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

How to Tell You’re Over 70. Without looking at your birth certificate. By David Martin

The Ten Commandments for Seniors. It’s time we had a revised Decalogue. ByDavid Martin

Right and Left Socks? I know that many things created by humans get more complex as they grow and evolve. But socks are made specifically for the right or left foot… By John Douglas Hoge

The Progress on Our New Home Self-Renovation. I’m 74, and my husband is almost 70. We are effing nuts. By Carole Olsen

Planning Our Futures

How Old is too Old? Embracing Adventure into your 90s and beyond By Mary Louisa Cappelli, MFA, JD, PhD

Hoping It’s Not My Time Yet. And that I live long enough to get to go to the Senior Centre. By Catherine Dunn

Be Inspired. You are never too old. By Ann Litts

The Letter I Wrote My Children. As I viewed the aging process. By Jill Ebstein

Remembering Our Pasts

I Spent an Awesome Day Walking Among the Tombstones, Enriching My Life.Richard Armstrong

Saying Good-bye to a House After 34 Years. Why am I struggling so? By Mary Lou Heater

Happy Mother’s Day. A tribute to my late mom. By Darren Weir

Back In My Day, Kids Worked In the Peach Sheds During Summer. Today’s kids don’t know what work is! By Ruby Lee


It is Spring and Now is Your Chance to Make Good on Those Winter Promises to Spend Time Outdoors. How many times have I sat in my rocking chair, looking out the window at the dismal winter weather. By Jean Anne Feldeisen

Hummingbirds and Their Effect on Seniors. Every Spring, the Hummingbirds return and bring joy to our hearts. By James Frank Sanders

Best of the Rest

Gaming Has an Older Women Problem. How does that impact how young men think of aging women? By Vicki Larson

The Older I Become, The Smaller My World Seems to Get. When the pandemic ended, I anticipated getting out more, and now I have a hard time leaving my house. By David Mokotoff

My Neighbor Who Died Alone Without Family Once Pulled a Gun on His Brother. It explained why he died old and alone. By Ruby Lee

My Friend of Over 50 Years Died. Gone too soon after a courageous battle with cancer. By Greta Dias

To Bus or Not to Bus. That is the Question. Here is the possible answer. By James Frank Sanders

Enriching Hobby or Just an Excuse to Buy More Stuff? Maybe my hobbies are too tame. How about yours? By Dakota Duncan




“The longer I live, the more beautiful life becomes.” (Frank Lloyd Wright) Non-fiction pieces, personal essays and occasional poems that explore how we feel about how we age and offer tips for getting the most out of life.

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