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This is an email from Crow's Feet: Life As We Age, a newsletter by Crow’s Feet.

We’re shaking things up a bit here by starting with the image above, a portrait of a senior by Crow’s Feet writer Mary McGrath who shares several images of seniors in her piece below Candid Characters.

This week’s digest of stories kicks off with a piece by David Martin who is putting his foot down and his duff back into his easy chair. His story touches those among us who are happy to experience retirement sitting down.

Read on for stories that will make you laugh, make you cry and, best of all, make you think about life.

Spare Me Your Stellar Health. I’m tired of hearing from 80-year-old marathoners. By David Martin

Seven More Stories to Prove That Aging is Still an Adventure, and Declining is Optional. Need inspiration? You’re in the right place. By Julia E Hubbel

Ageing and Exercise: I Want to Stay Fit but I Keep Getting Injured. Finding the right balance between doing too little and too much becomes harder as you get older. By Paul Goodman

Life Stages

When Do You Feel Like a Grownup? Exploring my journey to 50. By Scott Ninneman

You Think You’re 30 and You’re Old? Shut Up, Kid! A few months back I turned 30 and I couldn’t be happier about it. By Catherine Sophie

Adele’s New Song is Full of Youthful Heartache. It makes me glad I’m finding wisdom as I age. By Nancy Peckenham

On Living, Dying, and the Space In-Between. We’re on a never-ending treasure hunt for the secrets to streamline our journey. By Jill Reid

Speaking of Death…

An Examined Life. Was it well lived? By Mary Lou Heater

I Am Not My Body. Aging on the outside, glowing on the inside. By Ann Litts

Near-Death Experiences and Other Phenomena. Have you ever encountered anything like this? By Mary McGrath

Free Advice

Two Things: I Told You So, and Yes, It IS All About You. Well, in this regard it is, because it’s your life, your body. By Julia E Hubbel

Ten Things That I Have Learned Since Becoming Old(er). Like never use baby oil and iodine to get a tan! By Ruby Lee

Five Common Habits That Lower Your Chance of Satisfaction in Your Senior Years. By Jean Anne Feldeisen

Conditions For Thriving As We Age. Four keys to connection. By Barbara Mac

Four Interesting Quotes Absolving a Few Anxieties in Your Retirement Years. By Richard Armstrong

Candid Characters from the Senior Center. What’s behind these interesting faces?By Mary McGrath


A First Time Father At 80. He also became a grandfather and a great-grandfather for the first time at the same age on the same day. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

Facebook, Emojis, and Emily Post. The other day, my Facebook feed contained a post announcing the mother of a friend had turned 100. By Mcgeno

It’s Official! I’m an Old Lady. How Do I Know ? I’m Eating Grandma Candy. By Roz Warren

Careful What You Wish For. Confessions of a first time father who eventually became a grandfather. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

Pet Stories

The Curious Incident of My Dog in the Day-Time. Reexamining history with a newfound understanding. By David Asch

I’d Like to be a Grand-Meow. Imagine spoiling our cat’s kittens? By Mary McGrath

Chronicle of A Grief Foretold. My old dog, Buddy, has been diagnosed with lymphoma. By J.F. Gross

Outdoor Adventures

Our Own Backyard. The older I get, the more I realize we can travel even if we can’t travel. By Carolyn Bertolino

Embracing Retirement-How to Not Feel Guilty About Having Fun and Enjoying Yourself. Enjoying a beautiful fall day in New York State. By Dan Pfeifer

Best of the Rest

Are You A Sinker? In swimming parlance you’re either a sinker or a floater. By Brian Dickens Barrabee

The Confused Irishman. Or, why I hate DNA tests. By Micah Ward

FOMO is the Story of My Life. And here I am sidelined. By Carol Lennox

Clothes on the Line. When did this stop? By Robin James

My Fears About my Left Foot are Confirmed. But I swear I didn’t play favorites. By PR King

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Nancy Peckenham

Nancy Peckenham

Journalist, editor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, adventurer, history-lover. Editor of Crow’s Feet