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Why testing self-driving cars in SF is challenging but necessary

A typical day in San Francisco, captured by one of our self-driving cars.
Instances of various maneuvers per 1,000 miles of autonomous driving. Source: Cruise internal metrics.
Population density of common self-driving test areas. Source: US Census Bureau 2010.
How our self-driving cars see the world. The predicted future path and multiple possible interactions of every person, car, and cyclist are calculated 10 times per second.
Traffic lights out at 6-way intersection. All driving completed autonomously.
Passing a box truck in Chinatown. All driving completed autonomously.
Humans controlling traffic near construction. All driving completed autonomously.
Cyclist cutting off a car at night. The driver took over, but post-analysis shows our vehicle was already braking and would have stopped in time to avoid a collision.
Unprotected left in traffic. All driving completed autonomously.



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