It’s Official We’re on Android Now 🤖

Hey everyone 👋

Hey everyone 👋

…and a special hello to the Android users out there – you’re now able to begin investing your spare change into crypto! 💰📈

That’s right. We’ve extended the Crumbs public beta to Android, and are super excited to hear your feedback.

This version of the Crumbs app includes the essential features like rounding up your purchases into twelve crypto assets (currently MTL, BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, EOS, LTC, ZEC, XLM, XMR, ZRX, DASH, ETC, BAT, and REP), setting up recurring buys (weekly and monthly), checking live crypto price charts, tracking your portfolio, and cashing out your crypto into USD. Our priority during the beta period is gaining user feedback, squashing bugs, and improving the stability and performance of Crumbs.

We take all of the valuable feedback and insights we receive from our supportive community to heart, and will implement many of your suggestions in future iterations of Crumbs. There are already some very exciting new features in the works that all started from user requests!

If you have any feedback or criticisms on how we can improve the user experience, please reach out to us on Twitter (@crumbsappio), or feel free to email me ( or tweet me @patrickmro_.

To all of our early users: we’re very grateful for your patience and support, none of this would be possible without you. 🙏

Link to Play Store Beta 🤖

Link to App Store Beta 📲