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Reality Check

He needed a dose of new reality.

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14 min readJun 10, 2024


“That’s what happens when you give a female any amount of power!” I said as I drove home.

“Not in front of the kids!” Meredith pleaded.

“I am sorry son,” I looked back. “You should have won! If that…” I stared at my wife and stopped my sentence.

“It’s okay,” Barry, my son, smiled. “Winning isn’t everything.”

‘That’s those damn teachers!’ I thought. Teaching kids that it’s okay to lose and come in last. So, they won’t get hurt feelings. ‘Fuck them!’

“Go up and get changed, make sure your homework is done!” Meredith shouted as the kids ran up the stairs.

I went into the kitchen and popped a cold one. I needed to drink.

“I hate when you get like that in front of them!” Meredith said.

“Great, here we go!” I shook my head as I turned on the television and sat down.

I was about to get scolded for thinking everyone was going too easy.

“Barry is doing well in class,” Meredith started. “He has top grades, and all the teachers love him!”



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