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Change Happens Chapter Three: The Real Leader

Robin has to show her husband, as well as a few others, who is really in charge.

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17 min readJun 14, 2024


“One more,” I said as I helped my client with her push-ups. “Good,” I lied to her as she got up. The lady smiled at me as she stood.

“Really?” she asked.

I felt like saying no, that she had done better the day she started, but her husband paid for the top tier of our training. Few people paid for the top level because spending that much on training was ridiculous.

“A little,” I compromised. “Have you been following my diet plan?”

The answer was no. Just by looking at Teresa, I could tell that instead of losing weight, she had gained a few pounds.

“Well,” the lady said as she looked at me.

“Teresa, you will not get into that dress for your sister’s wedding, if you….” I started to say.

“I know Robin,” Teresa said.

“No excuses,” I shook my head. “Forty minutes on the treadmill.”

“Forty?” Teresa said.

I looked at her with my do-as-I-say face.