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Change Happens Chapter Two: Patience Tested

Robin's patience is tested both at work and especially at home.

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13 min readJun 9, 2024


I booted the computer up and went to my favorite website. Other than working, I had an online hobby. I loved to write erotic stories. I had made a fictional character named Betty Thompson. I had over thirty stories with her as the main character. It started as a playful idea, which now had a life of its own.

On the forums, Betty had a fan base. People even sent me fan art of what they thought Betty would look like if she were real.

Betty was not me, nor did she represent me. She had average-sized breasts, an average body, and a job that took her traveling the globe.

Some people speculated I was a male as my pen name was a mash of my favorite dates. No name, no email, and no messenger were on my profile. I didn’t even put down my gender. Jeff had access to my account and could log on to it whenever he wanted. I didn’t hide my hobby from him.

I continued from my last save. In this chapter, Betty flies a red-eye flight from Paris to Tokyo. The man next to her was flirting with her. I got engrossed in my story and nearly finished it when there was a knock on…