The Legend of Man: Book One: Destiny Awaits.

Chapter Two: The Pains of Leadership (Part Three)

Alexander Martin
Crush Publications
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8 min readJun 10, 2024


Disclaimer: I had to break each chapter down because some people told me that they were WAY too long (pfft), so each chapter will be divided into three parts.

The morning came fast. Cayaison was the first to get to the food hall, and the others slowly trickled in.

“Cayaison!” a voice shouted from across the room.

They all looked around to see a man running to them.

“Master Freimier says his class will be down on the walls today,” the man said as he bowed and walked away.

“Great,” Cayaison said sarcastically.

“What class is that?” Alixia asked.

“Projection and Projectiles,” Cayaison said while yawning.

He got up and bid them a good morning before heading down to the lower shelf.

“Today’s class we will be projecting an image of ourselves while the rest of the class will try to hit the real person,” Master Freimier said.

The sun was beating down on them. They were wearing their brown robes, which made them twice as hot.

“Remember only to use, the stun spells!” Master Freimier warned. “Anyone using harmful spells…