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An all-in-one NFT Tool — Crust NFT is coming soon!

We are excited to announce that in order to expand the NFT ecosystem, the Crust tech community will soon launch a new application — Crust NFT! Learn more about Crust NFT below!

Crust NFT is an all-in-one NFT smart contract deployment and minting tool powered by Crust Network. Crust NFT provides a variety of functions suitable for NFT scenarios. Crust NFT is the one-stop solution to all your minting needs.

See below for a brief overview of what Crust NFT can do:

1) NFT generator

Crust NFT provides a 100% code-free tool for creators to publish NFT collections with up to 10,000 NFTs and provides an easy interface for their fans to mint! Our very own Crust community creators went ahead to build a tool “by creators, for creators”: users don’t need any coding knowledge throughout the entire NFT creation process!

2) One-stop service

Crust NFT provides multiple blockchain choices. Users can deploy their smart contracts to multiple EVM-compatible chains such as Polygon, BSC, Elrond and many more. In addition, Crust NFT also supports publishing to the most popular marketplaces while securely storing the NFT metadata on Crust’s decentralized storage network.

3) NFT Management

Crust NFT provides a one-stop solution to managing NFT collections and assets across multiple chains and platforms. Users can view all their NFT assets, similar to an NFT wallet and without having to jump between multiple platforms.

Crust NFT Roadmap:

Late Feb, 2022 — Closed Beta Sign-up

Late Mar, 2022 — Closed Beta Launch

Late Apr, 2022 — Crust NFT v1 Official Launch

Excited about Crust NFT? Sign up for the closed beta below!



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