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Announcement | Crust Preview Network Upgrade

As the Polkadot parachain slot auction is approaching, Crust has recently continued to improve its protocols and mechanisms, striving for a better user experience, and making full preparations for the Crust mainnet launch.

To this end, the Preview Network will carry out a new round of upgrades, the main updates are as follows:

  • Optimized the synchronization and stability of the chain.
  • When a node reduces the guarantee rate, the guarantee rate of this era is regarded as 100%.
  • The penalty time for workload reporting is reduced to 8 hours, but the penalty is based on the latest non-reporting time.
  • Reduced the basic file storage fee and extended the file storage time to 6 months.
  • Reduced the ERC20 fee that transfers back from the Preview Network to 1 CRU.
  • Start the mainnet swapping of CRU18 token, and the specific operation manual will be published in the subsequent announcements
  • Fixed the error of “Validation has not been applied” in some cases

User Operation Steps (only for member and isolation nodes)

During the upgrade, the restart penalty will be suspended. Please note the nodes that have not been upgraded after 1,197,800 blocks (around April 20th, 2021 12:00 (GMT+8)) will be invalid. To avoid unnecessary losses, please execute it as soon as possible.

API Upgrade

sudo crust tools upgrade-image apisudo crust reload api

sWorker Upgrade


  • Please execute the sworker upgrade 5 minutes after the api upgrade.
  • Please ensure that the A/B upgrade command is executed in the foreground, do not close the command and window, or exit the program.
  • The upgrade will take half an hour to 1 hour, please be patient.
  • If there is no command below, it means that the last Node upgrade has not been executed.
sudo crust tools sworker-ab-upgrade

sWorker upgraded successfully

As shown in the following image, it is deem that sWorker has been successfully upgraded

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