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Announcement | Mainnet Launch: 7 Days To Go

We are excited to announce that the Crust technology operation community has now completed the development of the Crust Mainnet! After “Profit Ark”, Maxwell preview network testing, and passing from third-party code audit, the Crust Mainnet has finished development and is now officially delivered to the DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation). From now on, the Crust technology operation community will continue contributing to Crust Network.

The official launch time of the Crust Mainnet is the 217th Era, with a block height of about 765,432 (18:00, September 1st, 2021 UTC+8), and block rewards will be opened at the same time.

As an important member of Web3.0 decentralized storage, Crust Network provides a decentralized storage network with multi copies, decentralization and high-speed upload and retrieval, and creatively builds an on-chain decentralized storage market. The development of Crust Network with encrypted IPFS contributes to the entire IPFS community.

Let us look forward to a new journey for Crust Network!


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