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Aug 12 · 2 min read

On August 12th, the Crust mainnet entered the public access phase. Nodes are now allowed to join, and CRU transfers are enabled. The Crust node manual and CRU mainnet mapping tutorial can be found at Crust Wiki ( Crust mainnet is expected to be launching at the beginning of September, and will open more functions at that time.

Please note:

  1. In the public access phase, offline nodes will still be penalized
  2. Nodes will not earn profits by generating blocks until the mainnet block height is officially reached

Nodes on Crust mainnet are divided into different types: Owner Nodes, Member Nodes and Isolation Nodes.

A Group is an on-chain logic organization and consists of an Owner and at least one Member. Member nodes cluster effective storage to an Owner by participating in a Group, increasing the staking upper limit of the Owner.

Owner nodes are the initiator of and in charge of the Group, participating in block generation.

Member nodes act as storage providers in the Group. There can be multiple Member nodes in a Group, and their effective storage can be clustered to an Owner to participate in the block generation competition.

Isolation nodes are full-featured nodes of Crust Network, which undertake core functions such as block generation, storage, and file transfer, equivalent to that of Owner and Member nodes if they were based on the same machine. Therefore, support for SGX is necessary.

How to build the three node types:

Hardware requirements for the three node types:

Node flow control tutorial:

Map from Maxwell to Mainnet

Users need to map their Crust Maxwell CRU back to ERC20 CRU, then map the ERC20 CRU to the mainnet.

Map ERC20 to Mainnet

A guarantor is an account that provides a guarantee for one or more nodes in the Crust Network. Any account with CRU tokens can potentially become a guarantor and provide CRU as guarantee assets. The guarantor provides guarantees for the node to obtain guarantee rewards, and accepts a penalty risk of the node in proportion. Please refer to the Crust Economy Whitepaper for details.

Guarantor Tutorial:

The storage market will be opened soon after the mainnet launch.

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