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Claim your CSM from ERC20 to Crust Shadow

Crust Shadow is a “Kusama version” for Crust Network, it won the auction for the 19th parachain slot and was awarded the parachain ID 2012. Crust Shadow will provide storage services for other Kusama parachains. CSM token is the native token of Crust Shadow Network.

CSM Lightpaper

Through the tutorial below, you can master the method of converting CSM from ERC20 to Crust Shadow. In the future, CSM can be used as a collateral and governance token in Crust Shadow, and you can also trade CSM on Dex in the Kusama network through the HRMP mechanism.

To keep your assets safe, please carefully follow the tutorials in the Maxwell WIKI:




Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

Crust Network

CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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