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Coming Soon: New Exciting Features for Crust Files & Reward Programs Rule Adjustments

New Exciting Features

The idea behind Crust Files is to let you experience storing and sharing files in a Web3 fashion: decentralized, private and tamper-proof. We believe full ownership of your data enabled by Web3 makes file-sharing truly meaningful and valuable.

Crust Files’ new feature complements this: ‘sell’ files and content with the new pay-to-download feature!

Reward Programs Rule Adjustments

In alignment with our upcoming feature and Crust Files having achieved major milestones, we will adjust the Share-and-Earn program rewards. The changes will help to optimize the allocation of future rewards and better incentive new users:

First, we will adjust the Invite Bonus from 1 CRU per invitation to 0.5 CRU per invitation to ensure funds for the next upcoming Reward Programs around new features in the near future. 1 CRU discount on new Premium User deposits will remain unchanged.

Second, we will set a Cap (an upper limit of the Pool) for the Lucky Newbie. The cap of the current pool is 15,000 CRU. Prizes that would have been added to the pool will be preserved for new Reward Programs.

The adjustments will be updated to the current version of Crust Files on 16th Feb.



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