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Community Proposals Voting on SubSquare Governance Platform

Crust Network’s governance module has been running smoothly for some time. Several community proposals have now been came up on the SubSquare Governance Platform.

Welcome to use the platform to vote and work together for the decentralized community!

Existing proposals

  1. Proposal#3: Decrease the validator counts to keep the network stability

2. Proposal#4: Upgrade the Crust Files single file limitation

Platform Features

  • Discuss: Use the simple forum to discuss/come up issues, improvements and new ideas
  • Track and voice opinions: Track ongoing proposals/referenda and voice opinions before and during voting
  • Vote: Use the simple interface to cast a vote.

How to make a proposal

Anyone can make a proposal if they have locked enough governance tokens. This involves 2 steps:

  1. Creating the on-chain proposal via crust apps :
  2. Adding text/arguments/explanation to your proposal via the governance platform

Show Support for a Proposal

Once a proposal is created, governance participants are asked to support proposals. One proposal per week is promoted to a referendum.

1. Select a Proposal to Support

Go to Governance -> Democracy. If there are any ongoing proposal, you should see them listed on this page.

2. Second a Proposal

From the list of the proposals, click “Second” and in the opened module, click “Second” again to show support for the proposal.

3. Confirm

Once you signed the extrinsic in step 2, you should see your account being listed in a “Seconds” dropdown in the list of proposal.

Vote on Referenda

After a set number of blocks, the proposal with the highest backing staked governance tokens will be put up for a vote. Once a proposal is decided to be voted on, it is called a referendum.

You can see all referenda for Crust Network at

1. Make Sure you are Logged-In and Linked your Account

2. Select a Referendum

First, click on the referendum you would like to vote on from the list of referenda. You will see a description for the referendum, for example the one below:

3. Vote on a Referendum

On the right side of the referendum, you see a module that will allow you to vote on the referendum with your staked governance tokens (CRU).

To place a vote, you will send an on-chain transaction locking the staked governance tokens (CRU) for the period of the vote. After the vote has passed, the staked governance tokens will be returned to your account.

4. Check the Voting Result

Once the voting period is over, you will see the result of the referendum in the same module that you voted through.



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