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Aug 16 · 2 min read

Crust Network is a community-focused project. All campaigns we launch are always a way to reward the community with their help to drive the project forward. With our most awaited mainnet milestone close, we are planning a new campaign to promote the Crust Network. In this campaign, we give our community members the opportunity to earn rewards by link Crust to a wide range of audiences and possible supporters.

In able to be eligible for a reward, a community member needs to either create original design content such as articles, posters, or videos, or take initiatives like host AMAs, interviews or podcasts to help Crust connect to the audiences or projects across different platforms.

If you are willing to organize any online/offline events, like meetups or workshops to build up the Global Crust Community, we would be pleased to cover some costs for you through this reward process, while Crust global development leads in Europe/Singapore/Asia/North America may also help to sponsor and join the event.

Quality and influence level are the two key factors we are looking for when approve a reward. Thus, after the contribution has been made,the Community members need to make the record and report to the Crust Community Lead who list below for a review and ask for rewards approval.

Reward Details

If any significant contributions enhance the visibility of Crust Network to the world, an exceptional reward will also be delivered.

Campaign Timeline: Long term

Who Can Join: Every one

How to Apply

2. Follow the Wiki guide to request Tips in Crust Apps

Community Leads: @Crust_Admin @YouanZzang @Akitori and @SteveCrust on Telegram

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