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CRU Candy Airdrop — 100,000 CRU Candy Prizepool!

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Profit Ark Incentivized Testnet, we are holding a CRU Candy airdrop for users that help to promote Crust Network and Profit Ark activity!

100,000 CRU Candies are up for grabs, so be quick!

To claim your CRU Candy airdrop reward, complete any of the following activities:

  1. Share the Profit Ark article on Twitter, Reddit, Telegram or social media of your choice
  2. Create and share infographics explaining different aspects of the Crust Network

After you have shared the content, please submit the information into this Google Form.

The Google Form will collect the following information:

  • Your Twitter/Telegram or other social media username
  • Your CRU Stash Address*
  • A Screenshot of the post
  • A link to the post

Rewards will be distributed before December 1st.

To create a CRU Stash Address:
1. Go to

2. Click “Add Account”

3. Create an account with a Name and Password

4. Copy your CRU Address

Tip: Make sure to keep your account information safe and secure!

Promotion Materials

Need some help with ideas of what to post? These might help.

Crust Social Media

🔸 Official Website

🔸 Crust Twitter

🔸 Crust Facebook

🔸 Crust Telegram

🔸 Crust Discord

🔸 Crust Subreddit



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