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CRU18 time-limited claim

Now CRU18 can be claimed again. Users who hold CRU18 please claim CRU18 from Crust Maxwell to the Crust Mainnet.

Please note the following:

1) Users who have claimed CRU18 before do not need to operate again.

2) CRU18 is only for private investment institutions and those who participate in the Profit Ark event. Users who do not hold CRU18 please ignore this announcement.

3) Please claim as soon as possible. This operation is open to block height 4,866,666 (about 109 days, till June 14, 2022). If it exceeds the time, you need to get the right through the governance module of the mainnet.

4) After claiming, the number of CRU18 on Maxwell can only be counted and cannot be transferred or staked.

5) After the mapping operation, the Maxwell address you claimed for CRU18 will be converted to the mainnet address, ⚠️Be sure to keep your Maxwell address’s mnemonic seed”/”backup file”&password⚠️.

6) CRU18 Claim can only be done once, please be sure to choose your Maxwell address (main network address) and keep your private key information, all information is recorded by the Maxwell chain and cannot be updated or changed.

7) Please avoid using the mainnet address that has already claimed CRU18. It is recommended to use a new address for claiming.

For specific operation procedures, please refer to:



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