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Crust Cloud Beta — Open for Testing!

After a period of intense development, the Crust Network team is ready to launch the internal beta Crust Cloud.

Crust Cloud is a functional platform based on the Crust decentralized storage protocol. At present, it integrates an encrypted wallet, staking, cloud storage and other functions, and will also support the data market and more applications in the future.

We will start recruiting 200 testers from the Crust community today, and the Crust Cloud test will be officially launched on September 25. Interested users, please register as soon as possible, as registration will end when the applications reach 200.

Since the network and Crust Cloud applications are still in the testing phase, this test has the following restrictions:

1. User file size is limited to 100 MB

2. User storage order is valid for 3 days

3. If the user logs in to Crust Cloud from another device, the previously stored file records will not be displayed

4. Due to the small number of testnet nodes, each user will be limited to 10 actions for storage and 20 actions for download.

5. This test uses a whitelist. Participants need to go to Crust Apps to create an account, and put your account (token address) on the Google form (link). After the users are added to the whitelist, they will be able to import accounts on Crust Cloud and use Crust Cloud.

6. Each person can only claim 100 test tokens for this test.

Note: Due to the unstable test network stage, users may face file transfer failure or file loss, so please do not upload important files to the Crust Cloud beta version.

In this Crust Cloud beta, test users that report system bugs and optimization suggestions will be rewarded with CRU tokens.

User can submit their feedback to the following Google Form:

Alternatively, submit your feedback to @CrustTyler on Telegram.

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