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Crust Cooperates with Equilibrium for 3rd Party Crowdloan Channel

We are very excited to announce that Crust is cooperating with Equilibrium, which will serve as a third-party crowdloan channel. Equilibrium keeps finding new ways to unlock more value for their users and foster the DeFi ecosystem by providing liquidity for crowdloaned assets.

Equilibrium support Crust for xDOT staking (voting in crowdloans via Equilibrium). To date there has been 356,000 DOT contributed via xDOT.

Entry address:

Rewards for Contributors

1)1 DOT will be rewarded with 0.2 CRU

Crust plans to bid for all 8 lease periods, and once successful, contributed DOT will be locked for the duration of the parachain lease (24 months). Contributors will receive a reward of 0.2 CRU per DOT, and there are 1,000,000 CRU allocated to reward crowdloan contributors. 30% of rewards will be available to claim immediately, the remaining will be released 10% each lease period.

2)Lucky draw for 10 randomly selected crowdloan participants

Crust has also prepared a lottery for contributors. A total of 10,000 CRU will be shared amongst 10 randomly selected winners (1 DOT receives 1 lottery ticket).

Regardless of whether Crust wins a slot, we will have a lucky draw for all contributors.

3)Participants on Equilibrium will have early bird rewards and referral rewards.

The specific rules are as follows.

Base Rewards:
In addition to the base reward, earn up to 30% with the early bird bonus + 10,000 CRU lucky draw to be shared amongst 10 randomly selected winners (1 DOT receives 1 lottery ticket).

Early Bird Bonus:
Contributions before January 20th, 2022 will receive a 30% CRU bonus
Contributions after January 20th, 2022 will receive a 20% CRU bonus

Equilibrium Bonus:
10 EQ : 1 DOT

Referral Bonus:
1 EQ : 1 DOT

About Equilibrium

Equilibrium is a cross-chain DeFi super-app that combines a money market and a spot market with margin trading. The platform performs the full gamut of DeFi functions from pooled lending and synthetic asset generation to decentralized trading. EQ is the native utility token that is used for communal governance of Equilibrium. xDOT is a liquid and tradeable wrapped DOT that unlocks liquidity of DOT locked in parachain auctions and delivers multiple crowdloan bonuses on Polkadot. Equilibrium’s sister project Genshiro, a recent slot winner, is one of the first DeFi platforms running on Kusama.

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