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Crust Devlog | April 18th — April 24th, 2022

Mainnet Weekly Report

On September 1st, Crust Mainnet was officially launched, and block rewards were issued. As of April 18th, the nodes number on Crust Mainnet was 4,300 and the storage capacity has reached 1,517 PB. The weekly data is as follows.

Protocol layer
1. [Mainnet] Upgrade to version 18, complete the DSM 3.0 — Phase III upgrade, remove the old version FileInfo storage structure and the new version Fileinfo data migration
2. [Mainnet] Optimized the Weights Info of some transactions in the MPoW module
3. [Parallel Network] Added democracy module and upgraded version to 10

Application layer
1. [Apps] Fix Token CSM unit display problem
2. [Apps] Remove unstable Endpoint

1. [SubstrateFiles] Polkadot Wiki adds a description of the Substrate Files module, which is provided by Crust and serves the storage needs of the entire Polkadot ecosystem
2. [Pay2Download] Complete the development of the first version and open the test
3. [OCP] Completed Discord Bot detection for Guild member entry threshold




Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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