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Crust Devlog | Jan 1st — Jan 31st, 2023

Technical Progress

Ecosystem Collaboration

2. The 2022 achievement recap article can be found at

3. Crust participated in MEXC’s MDay event and provided a 57000 CRU reward.

4. Crust’s native token CRU was listed on MEXC on January 1, 2023 and the CRU/USDT trading pair was opened. Registering with Crust’s referral code on MEXC gives a 10% rebate on trading fees.

5. Crust partners with Shardeum. Shardeum developers can leverage Crust’s web3 cloud infrastructure & services for any data storage use case, ensuring the best user experience possible.

6. Crust is included in OKX Wallet’s ecosystem map.

7. Crust partners with Apillon. Powerful decentralized storage for users’ next project will be just a few moments away.

8. Crust got an interview with Polkadot Family, check the details here:

Community Events

2. Members of the Crust Uganda community participated in an offline event held by the Blockchain Club of Uganda.

3. Crust joined @CoinMarketCap Community.

4. DCF has submitted a proposal for the operation plan of Crust Maxwell network. Community can vote through SubSquare or Crust Apps Governance module.

5. Crust joined in Equillibrium’s community call to discuss our integration, the EQD use case and more.

6. Crust x Arbitrum are giving away 50 allow list spots for early access domain name registration.

7. Crust Chinese community member create a decentralized music playeer on Crust Network. A music player that everyone can upload and share, so that your music will no longer be lost.



Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.