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Crust Devlog | June 1st— June 15th, 2022

Mainnet Weekly Report

On September 1st, Crust Mainnet was officially launched, and block rewards were issued. As of June 15th, the meaningful storage data has reached 34.11 PB. The weekly data is as follows.

Protocol layer
1. [Shadow] Added xStorage pallet beta version, covering multiple basic functions of Crust based on XCMP cross-chain storage protocol
2. [API] Upgrade @polkadot/api and Crust types to adapt to the latest sworker registration mode
3. [sWorker] Fix memory overflow under certain conditions

Application layer
1. [Apps] Fixed the interface adaptation problem caused by DSM 3.0 upgrade
2. [Apps] Add Shadow CI/CD process
3. [Wiki] Added description about Ownership permission of CRU ERC20
4. [CrustFiles] Support Cube Chain login and free storage
5. [IPFSScan] Added readable gateway

1. [Ethereum] Add Orderer charging mechanism, increase Price rate
2. [Web3Editor] Designed and completed the storage interface of the Web3 editor, and added the storage logic of the Crust network. For a detailed description of the Web3Editor, please check: /1
3. [dAttestationChain] Fix DockerFile and add MainNet Spec



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