Crust Devlog | May 1st — May 31st, 2024

Crust Network
4 min readJun 5, 2024


The Mainnet Data

Technical Progress

Crust Network

- Released Sworker v2.0.0, supporting ECDSA-based DCAP authentication mode, advancing and tracking community upgrades.
- Increased the number of network-wide file copies and enabled the design review of file compute curve functionality, currently in development.
- Upgraded the Polkadot-SDK version of Crust Parachain Runtime to v1.1.0.
- Submitted a PR integrating Crust into the Compound v2 front-end CI/CD build process, awaiting review.
- EVM Storage Contract, Crust Files, Crust Cloud deployed to OP & Base.
- Crust Files now supports Mimir wallet.
- Crust Files supports Tanssi Network Appchain and participates in LFD events.


- EIP-7588 ( passed EIP Editor review and was published.
- Completed development of DA Interface and zkBlob protocol.
- Submitted PR to Polygon CDK ( for integrating EthDA as Alt-DA.
- Adapted EthDA’s new official website ( for mobile devices.

Ecosystem Collaboration

1. We’re enjoying the Build on Polkadot W3Transfer Educate Series with Encodeclub so far! On 2nd May, Crust core dev Brian introduced you all to IPFS and to Crust Network.

2. Thrilled to announce that Mimir has successfully integrated with CrustNetwork, the advancing decentralized storage and DA ecosystem!

3. sWorker v2.0.0 is here with major updates: Now supporting ECDSA-based DCAP attestation for enhanced security and stability. Fixes crucial bugs for reliable file reporting. If you’re a Crust Miner, upgrade now for improved performance!

4. Crust Cloud now supports Optimism ecosystem, revolutionizing Web3 storage with NFT units for secure ownership. Discover how our integration with Optimism offers scalable solutions and seamless access for developers.

5. Introducing ERC-7588 — Blob Transactions Metadata JSON Schema, crafted by the Crust Core Dev Team. This EIP introduces a standard for attaching metadata to blobs carried by blob transactions, as outlined in EIP-4844 on ethereum.

6. Crust Network has integrated with Tanssi Network and launched an App Chain! Join the ‘Let’s Forkin Dance’ campaign to experience our storage services for free and earn rewards. Start now by visiting:

7. Crust is thrilled to announce our renewed partnership with Opensquare! OpenSquare has contributed 3 blockchain explorers to support Crust Mainnet, Shadow, and Parachain.

Crust Mainnet:



8. Crust Network is now integrated with Base, bringing seamless decentralized storage to the ecosystem. With Crust Files and Crust Cloud supporting Base, developers and users can enjoy a secure, efficient storage experience.

Community Events

1. Check out this insightful video on Crust Network, a pioneering platform that uses blockchain technology to revolutionize data security and accessibility. Learn how decentralized storage could shape the digital world!

2. Mimir X Crust Multisig Contest Launch. Complete Galxe tasks and enter Mimir through the exclusive Crust link to create a multisig account, and you can share in 100U $CRU rewards!

3. Crust monthly Zealy Campaigns are back from this month! We’re adding some awesome new ideas from you all to make it even more fun. Join in, get creative, and let’s make this amazing together!

4. Crust join the Mexico Polokadot online meeting talking about AstarNetwork news, Polkadot pop, CrustNetwork multisig and more.

5. Crust attended the Consensus 2024! And Crust was at Polkadot Booth with other parachain projects.

6. Crust is in the DWF Ventures’s DePIN ecosystem!



Crust Network

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.