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Crust Devlog | Oct 17th — Oct 31st, 2022

Technical Progress

Ecosystem Cooperation

  1. Crust partners with Sinso. SINSO will support Crust’s realization of main functions, including NFTs and Metaverse Metadata storage, personal file storage, and Website/dApp hosting.
  2. PostThread won the Crust Grant in Polkadot Hackathon 2022! Crust will provide Pinning Service, Gateway service and IPFS Scan tool to help PostThread provide users with the best social media experience.
  3. Crust partners with Gear to provide developers in the Gear Ecosystem with a decentralized storage protocol for their own particular use case.
  4. Crust enabled Polkassembly as a new governance platform.
  5. Crust partners with Apillon to provide decentralized storage and hosting capabilities for the Web3 ecosystem.
  6. Crust partners with Cosmic videos to provide the decentralized storage.
  7. Crust won the 30th Polkadot Parachain auction!
  8. Crust Shadow won the Kusama parachain auction #57 for renewing the slot, and 500,000 $CSM will be rewarded to KSM supporters.
  9. Crust Files now integrated with Aptos. Aptos users can use Petra and Martian wallets to log in Crust Files and experience Crust storage for free.
  10. Shardeum has also included ‘Crust’ as a decentralized storage solution in its documentation.
  11. Crust partners with Ternoa. All the NFT metadata on Ternoa will now be backed up on more than 50 servers.

Community Events

  1. Crust co-hosted an event with MantaNetwork for the Massari Mainnet Conference.
  2. Crust Monthly Community Open Call #11 on 9am UTC, 14th October
  3. Crust x Gear Twitter Space to discuss how the collaboration will benefit the Polkadot ecosystem.
  4. Crust added the e-mail subscription button is on the top of homepage, please subscribe to get the monthly reports and latest news.
  5. Crust x Sinso Twitter Space to discuss how to make it easier for devs to build on IPFS.
  6. Crust had an insider talk with Apillon to discuss the decentralized storage.
  7. Crust Network and OAK Network co-hosted the Opening Night Event for the Crypto Economic Security Conference at UC Berkeley.



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Crust Network

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.