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Crust Files launching the World’s first Web 3.0 personal file storage with enticing rewards

Need to store or share files? Crust Files has you covered. Attractive incentives for early adopters and exclusive CoinMarketCap Diamonds Rewards await!

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The much-awaited launch of Crust Files, a Web 3.0 personal file storage vault for crypto-natives, is finally here. On January 5th 2022, at 8:00 am (UTC) Crust Files will be available to the public.

CoinMarketCap users can redeem a Crust Files Premium account for only 1,000 Diamonds in the Diamonds Rewards section, as long as supply lasts. Become a user to join the Crust Files Share-and-Earn program with up to $50 million rewards up for grabs!

Update: Users who get the whitelists need to log in to Crust Files with the Crust wallet and set Nickname first, or they can’t obtain the primium account permissions normally.

What is Crust Files?

Crust Files is the world’s first Web 3.0 personal file storage application, launched by Crust Network. The Crust Files application enables safe storage of your personal files on IPFS, secured by the Crust Network public blockchain.

Crust Files enables decentralized and secure upload of files, and easy sharing to friends, family and even Metaverse applications, such as publicly hosting your NFT metadata. With a free account, users can enjoy a file size limit of 40MB and unlimited storage space.

With Crust Files Premium you get access to end-to-end encryption for all your uploads, file size limit is raised to 1gb per file and you get unlimited storage space. All that is required is to deposit 5 CRU (currently only 3 CRU limited time New Years discount), Crust Networks native token, which can be withdrawn after 180 days.

Giving Crust Files a try is easy. Just go to and log in with your favorite Web 3.0 wallet. At launch, Crust Files supports:

  • Crust Wallet
  • Polkadot (.js Extension)
  • MetaMask
  • WalletConnect
  • Polygon
  • Moonriver
  • Near Wallet
  • Flow (Blocto Wallet)
  • Solana (Phantom Wallet)
  • Elrond (Maiar Wallet)

To become a Crust Files Premium Member, redeem a Premium Account with 1,000 Diamonds on CoinMarketCap Diamond Rewards.

Note: Crust Files Premium Memberships redeemed through CoinMarketCap Diamond Rewards will be airdropped to Crust Wallet accounts within 7 days of Crust Files launch. Follow our Twitter, Telegram or Medium to be notified once the drop is complete!

Share-and-Earn Rewards

As a Crust Files Premium user, you will get access to the Crust Files Share-and-Earn rewards program with $50 million up for grabs, celebrating the launch of Crust Files.

There are three rewards programs:

  • INVITE BONUS: receive 1 CRU for every Crust File Premium Member that signs up with your invite code
  • LUCKY NEWBIE: every new Premium Member adds 0.4 CRU to the prize pool and resets the countdown to 30 minutes. The last new Premium Member to join before the counter reaches 0 wins the pool
  • GRAND DRAW: increasingly large lucky draws held at every milestone

Check the following link for more details on the exciting rewards: click here!

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