Crust Grants Projects | May 2021

Crust Network
May 31 · 1 min read

In May 2021, the Crust Grants Program has accepted five different projects.

User Based Application

Socbay is a video website based on Crust/IPFS. Users can view videos online and upload their own videos. All of the contents are stored in Crust Network, realizing a decentralized online video platform.


In the intelligent transport yield, the storage cost of vest video data has been a serious problem for a long time. Klikli stores the transport video data in the Crust Network, which significantly decreases the storing cost.

Blockchain Based Application

Crust Explorer is an open-source block explorer based on Crust Network. Users can real-time view transaction info, storing info and other information that other network participants might be interested in.

Skyekiwi Protocol

SkyeKiwi is an off-chain encrypt data sharing protocol. It not only serves users but provides a crypto allocation interface to developers.

Development Tools

IceTrays is a multi-layers documents storing pool, which is built on the Crust and IPFS network. It leverage raft consensus technology to ensure the reliability and scalability of cluster storage.

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