Crust Joins HydraDX Omnipool: Injecting More Liquidity into the Polkadot Ecosystem

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2 min readMar 1, 2024


We are excited to announce that $CRU is now part of HydraDX’s Omnipool, contributing to the liquidity of the Polkadot ecosystem!

HydraDX is a cutting-edge DeFi protocol designed to bring a vast amount of liquidity to Polkadot. The HydraDX Omnipool is an innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) that eliminates liquidity fragmentation by consolidating all assets into a single trading pool, thus enhancing trading efficiency like never before.

Trading CRU on HydraDX involves the following steps:

  1. Transfer CRU from the mainnet to the Parachain using the bridge. Switch endpoints and navigate to the Crust Parachain page:

2. Sign and submit the transaction. If multiple pop-ups occur with plugin wallets, sign only the first transaction and close the other windows, as it may be a browser screen adaptation issue.

3. Import the JSON file of the account into the Polka.js wallet or any other wallet that supports HydraDX.

4. Exchange Parachain CRU for HydraDX on-chain and sign in the Polka.js wallet:

5. Visit the Trade page to trade CRU with any token supported by HydraDX:

6. The process for exchanging other tokens with CRU is similar.

About Crust Network:
Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider offering blockchain-based and decentralized storage solutions. Serving as an incentive and service layer for the IPFS ecosystem, Crust ensures data availability, accessibility, and redundancy through on-chain storage functions and a decentralized storage market.

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About HydraDX:
An Ocean of Liquidity for Polkadot. Trade an abundance of assets in a single pool.
The HydraDX Omnipool is efficient, sustainable, and trustless.

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Crust Network

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.