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Crust Launches Rocky Network and Detailed API Docs for Developers

To encourage more developers to join Crust and deploy on Crust Network, Crust has made two major updates. One is launching Rocky Network, the other is releasing a detailed API Doc. We welcome developers to visit the Crust website for in-depth understanding.

Crust launches Rocky Network. Crust Rocky Network is a test network for developers to test their application easily and quickly. According to the following tutorial to learn how to get the Rocky TestCoins from the faucet and important parameters of Crust Rocky Network.

For details:

You can join and check the Crust Rocky Network from our apps. It’s the exact same with our Crust Maxwell Preview Network. You can create your account first and copy the account address.

Go to our faucet repo and open an issue to get Rocky TestCoins. You just need to put your account address into the title and click the “Submit new issue” button.

Wait for a second and you will get a response from the bot. Rocky TestCoins would be sent to your account already.

* Note: Rocky TestCoins is only used as a testing token on Rocky Network.

To make sure your applications can be easily embedded into our Crust Maxwell Preview Network or the incoming Mainnet, most of the parameters are exact same with the Crust Maxwell Preview Network, except for the following parameters.

You can check the parameters page if you want to know other parameters of Crust Rocky Network.

If you want to connect to the Crust Rocky Network from a local chain. You can follow the below guidance. Make sure you have docker on the machine already.

  1. Pull the docker image

2. Run the docker image, you can use any way to run it. Here we provide the docker-compose.yml as the example.

If you want to build and run a chain from source code, please check the readme in the crust repo.

You can check Crust Docs website to learn supported APIs for our chain.

At the same time, Crust also released a detailed API documentation to help developers better use tools for development. As shown below, there are several categories, and we welcome developers to find corresponding tools for development.

Crust provides a collection of tools, utilities and libraries for interacting with the Crust network from JavaScript. All code is made available on Github with a permissive Apache-2.0 license.

While there is a slant towards developer tools, providing libraries to allow others to build tools on top of, a collection of applications are made available that allows for interaction with the network from a pure user perspective. If you are a end-user looking to interact with the network, you can interact with Crust/Apps.

For details:

Crust Social Media

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