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Crust Network and Anmol Collaborate For Decentralized Storage

We are pleased to announce that Crust Network and Anmol will collaborate to offer decentralized NFT asset storage solutions for our toolkit and blockchain.

Crust Network will be facilitating the storage of Anmol’s NFTs, Moulds (NFT Templates), and other digital assets within a decentralized manner. Anmol’s digital files will be stored in IPFS, through the help and management of Crust, allowing for efficient development of its chain-agnostic NFT toolkit, smooth callbacks of assets, and overall helping Anmol perform as a robust component of the decentralized blockchain space.

About Anmol

Anmol is a multi-chain NFT toolkit, building instruments that allow people to create, manage, sell, and distribute NFTs with ease. Anmol is developing NFT and blockchain solutions with minimal learning curves, making them ideal for newcomers and novices who are just entering the blockchain space. Created with Substrate, Anmol is highly interoperable, with the capability to connect with Polkadot, Kusama, Ethereum, Polygon, and even niche chains such as Flow, Wax, and Theta.

Anmol’s toolkit contains an easy-to-use NFT builder (that can be used to mint single NFTs as well as NFT templates, which we call Moulds), fractionalization options, as well as the ability to group NFTs together as one unified collection, or even morph two pre-existing NFTs together to mint an entirely new creation. Along with this, Anmol also comes with its own marketplace, known as the Anmol Bazaar.

Our highly interoperable architecture positions Anmol as an NFT highway, allowing for the selling, buying, and leasing of NFTs with ease, all handled on-chain.

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About Crust Network

Crust Network is essentially an IPFS incentive layer protocol and a substrate-based blockchain that builds a decentralized storage network of
Web3.0 ecosystems. Funded by DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation), It is designed to build a decentralized cloud ecosystem that values data privacy and ownership.

Use Case — Serverless DAPPs/Websites Hosting:

Developers are able to deploy their own DApps/Websites based on IPFS/Crust Network. Multiple nodes are incentivized to store DApps/Websites files and open for retrieving, thus ensuring very high availability and robustness.

Recently Uniswap has enabled decentralized deployment of its Interface by integrating with Crust Network into its release workflow. A similar integration was later realized by Polkadot. PolkaApps is now be pinned to Crust Network decentralized. There is an urgent demand for decentralized deployment of websites or DApps in Web 3.0, and Crust is an accurate and workable solution to it.

Use Case — General Off-chain Data Storage:

Some blockchain-based applications, such as NFTs and decentralized social and content platforms, involve a huge amount of user data, far beyond the capacity of on-chain storage. Since traditional cloud storage solutions cannot meet the demand for decentralization, trustlessness, and privacy from Web3 users and developers, the IPFS/Crust Network solution is much more preferred and adopted.

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