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Crust Network and Busy Technology Cooperation Announcement

Crust Network and Busy Technology are happy to reveal its strategic collaboration. Crust will provide a decentralized storage network of Web3.0 ecosystem for Busy Technology’s B2C/C2C platforms.

The collaboration is also intended to create synergy between Busy Technology and Crust Network, exchanging knowledge, support each other on community development, decentralization, etc., in the long run.

Busy DAO is an engine for B2C/C2C platforms with cutting-edge blockchain technology, DeFi solutions, Utility Staking, and NFTs.

Many new platforms can be built on the Busy DAO Engine as Blockchain Engine will be available to everyone who will see an advantage in it through Smart Contracts — fast, scalable, and without expensive fees.

The project aims to create an ecosystem of global decentralized and exclusive platforms in the first stage focused on the gig economy that will compete with the current centralized giants with exclusivity, offered quality of services, and benefits associated with decentralization.

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Crust implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, using storage layer protocols such as IPFS, and provides support for the application layer. Crust’s architecture also has the capability of supporting a decentralized computing layer and building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

Currently, the Maxwell Preview network is live, and welcomes everyone to join for testing. Crust Network successfully joined the Substrate Builders Program and Web3.0 Bootcamp, and has also obtained a Web3 Foundation Grant.

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Crust Network

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.