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Crust Network & Strategic Partnership Announced!

Crust Network officially joins forces with to provide the protocol with exclusive Web3 infrastructure, full technical support, and operational and maintenance services. Encentive will also integrate decentralized storage modules powered by Crust to provide more comprehensive infrastructure support to Web3 builders.

About Encentive protocol is a Web3 infrastructure meta-platform, providing non-tech people friendly, secure, cost-efficient,modular functions including DEX,Farming,Staking,NFT market place, Lottery, and OTC service,etc. It allows one-click deployment of customized Web3 applications on Ethereum, BNB chain, Polygon,Near and 10+ more public chain ecosystems. The protocol’s code has been audited by Peck Shield and Certik.




About Crust

Crust Network is a versatile, purpose-built storage blockchain that delivers truly decentralized file storage and hosting capabilities for the entire Web3 ecosystem, empowering privacy and data ownership. Crust Network enables dApp hosting, NFT metadata storage and encrypted file storage across a wide range of blockchains.

Join Crust Network now and enjoy access to over 2,000Pb storage across more than 8,000 nodes!

Decentralized Cloud Foundation | Uniswap | Polkadot | NFTs

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Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

Crust Network

CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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