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Crust Network to be integrated into the Apillon Web3 development platform

With Crust’s serverless hosting and storage services, developers and their apps’ users will benefit from stable and secure storage and faster data processing.

The vision of the Apillon platform is to accelerate Web3 adoption by making blockchain technologies easily accessible to every developer and enabling plug-and-play use of selected Polkadot parachains.

DStorage, one of the vital Web3 building blocks

One of the services initially available on the platform that will allow developers to build highly efficient Web3 projects is decentralized storage, powered by Crust Network.

“Leading the way towards a decentralized future, Apillon partners with blockchain technology providers to equip builders with key features to easily transform their ideas into blockchain-based projects.”

Matjaž Sobočan, CEO of Apillon

Crust Network is a versatile, multi-purpose blockchain that makes decentralized storage of massive amounts of data possible and functional while prioritizing data privacy and user data ownership.

With the integration of Crust into the Beta release of Apillon’s Web3 development platform, developers and their apps’ end-users will be able to use Crust’s decentralized file storage and hosting services seamlessly.

What does Crust Network bring to the table?

Through Apillon’s partnership with Crust Network, developers will gain easy access to serverless services of metadata storage for NFT and Metaverse projects, personal file storage, as well as website and dapp hosting.

While blockchains weren’t originally intended to store massive amounts of data due to high costs and long transaction processing times, Crust overcomes these obstacles by storing the uploaded files on several network nodes, supported by the IPFS protocol. With the integrated Crust API, you’ll be able to simply deploy your app or website on the network.

Developers will be able to select and pay for the amount of Crust’s storage space that accommodates their needs, optimize their storage use, and track their storage space anytime. The projects built using decentralized storage by Crust could benefit from faster data processing as well as bullet-proof data privacy and safety, which is great news for end-users, too.

By overcoming the reliance on a centralized storage provider, users and developers would be able to access and manage their data and files at all times without any restrictions by a centralized entity.

“Web3 adoption can only happen if we actually adopt blockchain technologies. We’re walking the talk and leading by example: Apillon’s website is hosted on Crust Network.”

Nino Kutnjak, CPO of Apillon

If you want to easily use Crust’s services for your next project, you can register and wait for the Beta release of the Apillon Web3 development platform and test the waters.

About Crust Network

A versatile multi-purpose blockchain, Crust Network is a powerful storage provider that offers a truly decentralized alternative to current centralized file storage and hosting services that come with fundamental risks for user data and other website- or app-adjacent assets.

Crust Network offers serverless hosting by storing files on multiple nodes. This enables large amounts of data to be stored in a secure and highly efficient way that enhances data safety, integrity, and immutability. It also eliminates the need for server management and accelerates data transmission, making Crust Network appropriate for building or upgrading various data-heavy apps, such as NFT marketplaces, decentralized social platforms, or other projects that need to process endless amounts of data and files.

⧓ About Apillon

The Apillon platform serves as a unified gateway to the Web3 services provided by linked Polkadot parachains. Following the multi-chain vision, Apillon powers the transition of developers to Web3, simplifying its adoption in the real economy, and expanding its versatility as the ecosystem grows. With Apillon, Web3 services are within reach for every developer, regardless of their background and experience with blockchain technology.

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Crust Network

Crust Network is a decentralized cloud storage provider which was designed to realize our three core values: decentralization, privacy, and assurance.