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Crust Network x Relation Labs | Collaborate to integrate Data Storage solution

Crust Network and the Relation Labs team are pleased to announce that Relation Labs will use Crust Network’s data storage API service to access Relation One’s social DApp. Pictures and videos of users chatting with their friends will be uploaded to the IPFS network, ensuring more stable and secure data storage.

Relation One (originally IC One) is a social DApp aimed at the user experience, a one-stop social DApp that supports P2P chat with on-chain friends, allows users to create group chats, and performs Dao governance. It currently supports login via MetaMask wallet or IC Identity and is expected to open the login portal for Polkadot wallet at the same time by the end of March. It will undoubtedly provide Web3 users with more diverse ways to express themselves in chat and greatly enhance their product experience. As more and more DApps are moving to multi-chain scenarios, Relation Labs’ data storage needs will increase by magnitude in the future. A decentralized storage network provided by Crust Network will ensure that Relation’s data storage needs.

Relation Graph(originally IC Graph) is the underlying core engine that runs through the Relation One support implementation. It’s a Rust implemented graph database that enables efficient Relation data querying. It supports data services such as N-degree relational recommendations, content subscription push, and even business intelligence and behavioral trend prediction. It uses an extremely elegant graph database to organize social data, supports the persistent storage of massive amounts of social-relational data, and supports data mining through SPARQL statement queries, which is also the key to implementing recommendation services. Based on the completed technical achievements, Relation will also plan to build a set of graph database Pallets based on the Substrate so that developers who support the Polkadot ecosystem can quickly perform efficient in-depth data reading through the SPARQL protocol. Crust Network said they would be happy to see the birth of this result, which will become another solution for their decentralized data indexing.

As a decentralized storage network for Web3, Crust Network has made great progress in a short period after the mainnet goes online. At present, the number of stored files on Crust has reached 300,000. The Crust network is implemented based on TEE and has the advantages of faster encapsulation, lower cost, higher data redundancy, and complete decentralization based on IPFS. Secondly, Crust is developer-friendly and provides a full set of developer tools that allow developers to integrate Crust’s decentralized storage solution in a very simple way. In this way, Crust has expanded rapidly in the Web3 ecosystem, and DEX, NFT, SocialFi, DID, and other track projects have cooperated. Crust is very pleased to provide storage solutions for Relation social graph data service providers through this cooperation. As Crust promotes the multi-chain strategy, it will be able to offer Web3 data storage services for a wider range of ecological users.

Crust Network and Relation Labs agree that the underlying core of building a Web3 ecosystem is still to ensure user data privacy and storage security. For developers, it is easy to obtain efficient reading capabilities after obtaining user-authorized data, which will depend on more data infrastructure service providers participating in the construction of the Web3 ecosystem. In the future, Relation will also actively open the social graph data to the multi-chain ecosystem to empower next-generation DApps.

About Crust

Crust Network is a versatile, purpose-built storage blockchain that delivers truly decentralized file storage and hosting capabilities for the entire Web3 ecosystem, empowering privacy and data ownership. Crust Network enables dApp hosting, NFT metadata storage and encrypted file storage across a wide range of blockchains.

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About Relation Labs

Relation’s long-term positioning is committed to being a social graph data service provider in Web3 (decentralized network). Our vision is to provide the most powerful and wealthy social relationship graph for the global multi-chain ecosystem, jointly explore a new paradigm of people and organizations, relationships and behaviors in Web3, and become the next-generation social infrastructure for Web3.

Keep an eye out for updates, enjoy our community and get ready for a Web3 future with Relation Labs.

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