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Crust & Polygon Mint NFT Event has ended. Here are the winners!

After a three-week “Mint your own NFT on Polygon & Crust, win a $3000 prize!” event, we closed the event at 1pm UTC time on December 6th and recorded the winners.

Switchswap is an NFT minting application. Currently, you can log in using your Polygon address and receive some $MATIC from the faucet for free, store your NFT on the Crust network and mint on Polygon. The generated NFT can be sold directly in Opensea.

Switchswap tutorial

The following is the ranking of users with the highest number of likes. Congratulations to the winners!

Our staff will tweet to tag the winners, please leave your Crust Mainnet address in the reply. Winners need to submit your address before 10 Dec. 2021 1pm UTC time. Rewards will be distributed before 15 Dec. 2021).


@YouanCrust1 @cooperyye @fasufzan

@vincentxjlee @j_selenaz @vulea @dongduo60704893 @dm1c0 @faltinbas42

@gavfu2 @SimonTranC @imVeryDiSu @chainvix @Sadegham3 @jason2lvlvlv @_nacar_ @Minh34816900 @Jacky_Dong97 @alibabavaonhang @falconlatch @GLForever_MB @Sadegham3 @BlackShark11111 @NguyenD98998715 @IJShDNDs2G7ull0 @UnFukWitAble86 @RM88612336 @khongloxaanh6 @Huybaong2210

Here are some NFT picks of the participants:

Please continue to pay attention to Crust marketing activities. With the launch of new applications, we will plan more interesting and high-yield activities!



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