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Crust “Profit Ark” Review 2: Total Storage reaches 34PB

The second phase of Crust “Profit Ark” incentivized testnet has just completed. Around 700 storage nodes from all over the world have joined the incentivized testnet. The total available storage space is close to 32 PB, and the total number of verifiers and candidates is around 290.

The Hash Rate of “Profit Ark” on the 10th Day
The Layout of “Profit Ark” Nodes on December 10

We have summarized the following issues:

  1. There is a very small amount of event loss in the integration statistics process.
  2. The display accuracy of the node storage capacity of the integration interface is too low.
  3. Intel server failure during SGX startup of some nodes.
  4. As chain data grows, node chain synchronization is too slow.

According to the technical issues, we adopted the following solutions:

  1. Further fixed the known issues of the points system to ensure everyone’s fairness and justice.
  2. Optimized the integration interface and background algorithm to make the node data display more reasonable.
  3. Launched a DNS optimization patch, which completely solved the problem of Intel server failure.
  4. Crust provides a direct download service of chain data, which is convenient for everyone to configure nodes flexibly.

Thanks for everyone’s positive participation and feedback. For users that want to join the Crust “Profit Ark” incentivized testnet, please visit the official website of Crust Network ( or check the Crust Network “Profit Ark” Incentivized Testnet is Now Starting!



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