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Crust Profit Data — “Lucky Order” Activity

To celebrate the upcoming launch of the Crust mainnet, the DCF foundation have added more rewards for the “Profit Data” activity and launched the “Lucky Order” activity. 40 CRU per day will be rewarded for “Data Collectors” to encourage storage nodes and ease network congestion.

Activity Dates: July 21, 2021 — August 20, 2021

Activity Rewards: 40 CRU per day, for a total of 1,200 CRU

Activity Rules

1. Add new role: Data Collectors

“Data Collectors” are an active role of more than two thousand storage nodes on Crust Maxwell. They are responsible for responding to the storage needs of the “Data Providers” and storing data on servers in various places. Each file copy corresponds to one “Data Collector”.

2. Rewards for data collectors

The “Profit Data” activity will reward 10 lucky orders in the daily storage orders, and each lucky order will win 4 CRU as a tip reward.

According to the rules of the Crust Economic White Paper, the top 4 data collectors that have completed data storage and reported will be able to receive the tip rewards equally, which means these 4 order collectors will receive at least 1 CRU reward after the order expires (6 months). If the settlement is initiated before the file expires, rewards will be awarded based on the stored duration as a percentage of the total order duration.

Daily lucky orders will be announced via the Profit Data >> Lucky Orders section, and the daily reward for lucky orders is 40 CRU.

3. How to collect rewards

Collateral and order rewards

The collateral determines the upper limit for the node to receive order rewards, and the exchange ratio is 1:1. This means that the node can receive 1 CRU order rewards by staking 1 CRU.

Apps merchant page:

To operate collateral and rewards, please follow the details below:

1) Register

Click on “Register”, please note that a minimum collateral is required, no less than 0.01 CRU.

2) Add collateral

3) Cut collateral

4) Reward merchant

*Please note: Always make sure that there is sufficient collateral. As anyone can receive order rewards, when calculating the order, if the collateral is insufficient, the rewards will not be distributed.

For detail:

View orders and revenue

Storage browser link:

Enter your own node address, you can query the expected earning of the order received, and the files are sorted by expiration time

Claim rewards after settlement

Click on Network >> Market >> Order Settlement >> Settle

Fill in File CID in the input box, click the “+”, you can add multiple File CIDs on this page to settle multiple files. The data collector can settle at any time after receiving the order. The amount of earning is proportional to the length of time the file has been stored when settled. It is recommended that the node wait for a period of time before settlement and collection.

Price mechanism adjustment and optimization

Crust has opened a dynamic adjustment mechanism for storage order prices. The preview network will adjust the basic price of storage files according to the order file and the throughput of the entire network (supply and demand relationship).

The latest Smanager will have priority to orders with higher tips. Please save nodes and update the latest Smanager to increase the probability of receiving “Lucky Orders”. Good luck to everyone!

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