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Crust Project Development — Apr. 12— Apr. 18

Crust Community Activities

The Crust Decentralized Storage Market was officially opened on February 28th, 2021 (GMT+8). There are 2,565 nodes in the entire network, with a total storage of 365 PB as of April 12th. The network is currently in a state of lack of tokens.

Maxwell Preview Network Weekly Report:

On April 9th, the first Crust Developer Meetup was successfully held in Shanghai and many Crust community developers and community supporters came to join in. Crust mainly introduced Grants to the developer community, and guided them to participate in Grants to jointly build the Crust developer community.

On April 13th, Dean, the Crust product leader, shared knowledge on Crust technology and blockchain at Cisco Union.

Crust added a “Crust Grants” section to encourage developers to apply for Crust Grants to jointly build a Web3.0 distributed cloud ecosystem. Recently, the details of Crust Grants were announced: Crust Grants provides each recipient with funding of up to 30,000 USD to support them to develop in the sub-fields of the technology stack.

For detail:

Crust Network is now officially a member of the Teaclave Secure Computing Ecosystem powered by Apache. You can find the introduction of Crust at the Teaclave official website:

As the Crust community and ecosystem continues to grow, Crust is now launching the first phase of the Crust Network Ambassador Program. Welcome all community partners to participate in applying for the ambassadorship in the construction of the Crust community!

If you’re interested to join, please fill in the form: Crust Network Ambassador Application

Crust published the “Crust Grants Handbook” and welcomes developers to participate. Grants divides the decentralized cloud storage ecosystem into technology stacks at six layers, including chain protocol layer, file systems protocol layer, node strategies layer, development tools and infrastructure layer, blockchain-based applications layer and user-based applications layer, incentivizing projects in the decentralized cloud storage ecosystem at full strength.

For details: Crust Grants Handbook

As the Polkadot parachain slot auction is approaching, Crust has recently continued to improve its protocols and mechanisms, striving for a better user experience, and making full preparations for the Crust mainnet launch. Please note the nodes that have not been upgraded after 1,197,800 blocks (around April 20th, 2021 12:00 (GMT+8)) will be invalid. To avoid unnecessary losses, please execute the upgrade as soon as possible.

For details: Announcement | Crust Preview Network Upgrade

Crust prepared answers to 15 FAQs, including application scenarios, the relationship between Crust and IPFS, the difference between Crust and Filecoin, mainnet launch, and other details.

Restatements: Crust does not sell mining machines, nor cooperate with any mining merchants. Mining equipment must be open and transparent:

Any user can build and maintain a mining machine according to the operation guide, and Crust encourages users to use idle resources to participate in mining.

For details: Frequently Asked Questions | Crust Network

Crust Project Development

1. Upgrade the main branch to version 0.12.0

2. Maxwell preview network completed the 17th version of the on-chain seamless upgrade

3. [DSM] Complete the development of the dual account model of the market module to further eliminate the security risk of the Controller account

4. [DSM] Optimize the transfer sequence of the file order amount

5. [DSM] Support to modify the basic fees of documents through transactions

6. [DSM] Separate file storage period and liquidator reward period

7. [GPoS] Support to increase the number of validators for transactions

8. [Runtime] Reduce the overall transaction fee

9. [Claim] Fix the signature vulnerability in the claim module

1. Complete the 0.9.0 version iteration, and carry out the AB upgrade on the Maxwell preview network

2. Initially complete the real-time Seal&Unseal version of sWorker and conduct the testing

3. Reduce some of the “validation has not been applied” errors

4. Multi-threaded real-time seal implementation, efficiency increased by 100%

5. Add crust configuration in IPFS config module

6. go-ipfs-encryptor adds a parameter setting interface

7. Fix the bug that the real-time seal version file was not deleted

1. Complete the bridge Mint for CRU18 and open source the address form of all CRU18 assets of Mint. The community users can check the transaction with Ethereum by themselves.

1. Complete the upgrade of the new version 0.84.0, including interface support for Substrate 3.0, comprehensive logic optimization and new UI, etc.

2. Complete the claim page of mainnet CRU18

1. Use RabbitMQ to solve the problem of message blocking caused by unstable chain synchronization

2. Fix some known vulnerabilities

3. Complete the design of the AB upgrade process

1. Add IPFS Popup module, add IPFS routing

2. Add some reducers of IPFS Companion, remove EventEmit

1. Complete the improvement of Grants’ PR template checklist

2. Complete the internal standard process of Grants

Object encryption layer and sharing layer built on IPFS and Crust using cryptography

1. Complete the first round of online meeting review

2. According to the Review, try to standardize API doc, and combine with NFT scenario

Integrating the browser service of Crust ecosystem multi-level information

1. Complete Github PR Review, adjust application language

Based on IPFS ecosystem, integrate Crust storage interface, provide a convenient one-stack experience for upper-level development

1. Complete Github PR Review, wait for the first round of online meeting review, Crust-based Youtube

1. Complete Github PR Review, the product name is being revised due to legal issues, Crust-based decentralized IPFS Pin service

1. Complete Github PR Review



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