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Crust Project Development — August 02 — August 08

Crust Community Activities

Maxwell Preview Network Weekly Report

Crust Decentralized Storage Market was officially opened on February 28th, 2021 (GMT+8). There are 2,635 nodes in the entire network, with a total storage capacity of 642 PB as of July 26th. The network is currently in a state of lack of tokens.

Starting from the evening of Aug. 5th, Crust Maxwell preview network has reduced production, and after that, the daily output of the preview network will be 750 CRU.

Maxwell Preview Network Weekly Report:

Profit Data

“Profit Data” is currently live. The report of this activity is published every Monday. As of August 2nd, the data computing power of the entire network reached 169.9TP, and the effective staking amount of the entire network CSM was 1.766M.

You can log in here to view real-time data every day:

For details: Profit Data | Data Power Rules Adjustments and Upgrades

For rules: Profit Data | Activity Rules

Configure QoS for Flow Control

The recent “Profit Data” activity has brought higher benefits to the DSM storage market. Nodes often cause chain data synchronization issues under the environment of limited bandwidth. It is recommended to control flow to maintain the availability of bandwidth and avoid penalty risk of missing work reports.

For details: Configure QoS

Crust Network x Bluna

Crust Network and Bluna collaborate in the Metaverse space to secure on-chain decentralized data storage.

For details:

Crust Network and Bluna Collaborate For Metaverse Decentralized Storage

Analysis of Crust Network Economic Model Released

The detailed analysis of Crust Network economic model has been released and can be viewed on the official website.

How to Claim Tokens on Crust Mainnet

The Claim module of the Crust mainnet was launched, and the corresponding Wiki and Apps have been updated and deployed as well. The mainnet is now available for token claim.

For details: CRU Claims

Crust Network x Functionland

Crust Network and Functionland collaborate to simplify user and developer experience of Web3.

For details: Crust Network and Functionland partnering up on Web3 Developer Tools Crust Network

Crust Project Development

Protocol Layer

Chain Work Overview

1. [Mainnet] Update chain code compilation guide

2. [Mainnet] Optimize the stake module to discount the basic fee for DSM order documents

3. [Mainnet] Cooperate with code audit

sWorker Work Overview

1. Organize and write the overall mechanism document

2. Pressure testing on the mainnet

Application Layer

sManager Work Overview

1. Implement Schedule logic

2. Build ELK system

3. Integration testing

Wiki Work Overview

1. Complete mainnet wiki study module

Official Website Work Overview

1. Research and build for technology plan of Newsletter

2. Build and test for Forum

Crust Grants

- User Application Layer -


Decentralized video sharing platform based on Crust and IPFS

1. Complete the development and launch at

2. Besides the platform, the Socbay team has also developed a storage browser to adapt to the decentralized storage market of Crust.




Decentralized Cloud Blockchain Technology

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Crust Network

Crust Network

CRUST implements the incentive layer protocol for decentralized storage, and vision to building a decentralized cloud ecosystem.

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