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Crust Project Development — August 23 — August 29

Crust Community Activities

“Profit Data” is currently live. The report of this activity is published every Monday. As of Aug. 23rd, the data computing power of the entire network reached 185.3TP, and the effective staking amount of the entire network CSM was 2.981M.

You can log in here to view real-time data every day:

Crust technology operation community has now completed the development of the Crust Mainnet! Mainnet is now officially delivered to the DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation). The official launch time of the Crust Mainnet is the 217th Era, with a block height of about 765,432 (18:00, September 1st, 2021 UTC+8), and block rewards will be opened at the same time.

For details: Announcement | Mainnet Launch: 7 Days To Go

Crust has found some common node construction problems.

For those that do not use the system disk and want to use other SSDs to mount, if users don’t follow the official methods to mount, the system will be filled soon after the order system turns on, which will lead to a severe crash. Users can use the “sudo crust tools workload” command to see if the disk is with a small capacity recognized by sworker. If yes, please stop sworker, clear all Crust Node data and reconfigure.

For details: Frequently Asked Questions | Crust Mainnet Node Building

Crust will launch the crowdloan on August 30th and end on October 6th, covering all 5 auction periods. Our goal for the upcoming crowdloan is to reach 80,000 KSM in contributions. Once the bid is successful, each KSM contributed to the crowdloan will receive 1 CRU and 1,000 CSM. The total reward pool is 80,000 CRU + 80 million CSM. 30% of the reward will be released immediately, and 10% will be released for each subsequent lease period.

For details: Crust Shadow Crowdloan for Kusama Auctions 6–10

On August 25th, Crust was invited to participate in a panel discussion of decentralized storage organized by SnapFingers, together with other projects, discussing the future of storage.

On August 27th, Crust was invited to participate in a panel discussion themed of “Kusama slot auction will be opened again, will the Polkadot ecosystem boost?” organized by PolkaBase.

Cointelegraph published a study on Polkadot: The Bedrock of the New Web”, and there was a comprehensive analysis of Crust.

For details: Polkadot: The Bedrock of the New Web

Crust Project Development

Protocol Layer

Chain Work Overview

1. [Preview Network] Complete the deployment of cross-chain assets on the preview network and Ethereum and complete preliminary testing

2. [Parallel Network] Complete the latest code adaptation of parachain and prepare for the second round of Kusama auction

3. [Preview Network] Fix the issue of unstable block production

4. [Mainnet] Design the GPoS election algorithm in extreme situation

sWorker Work Overview

1. Research the storage plan of the catalog files on Crust

2. Research the client data encryption plan

3. Compile sWorker file

Application Layer

Crust Apps Work Overview

1. [Preview Network] Launch Crust Bridge, supporting real-time cross-chain transfer of ETH and Crust Maxwell assets

2. [Mainnet] Launch Crust Cloud module, supporting IPFS-free file storage

3. [Mainnet] Add reward countdown on Staking page

sManager Work Overview

1. Optimize the probability of orders on Maxwell

2. Add the link configuration of the sManager server

3. Fix the type mismatch issue caused by chain synchronization

4. Optimize some logs and parameters

5. Officially release sManager v1.0.0

IPFS W3Auth Gateway Work Overview

1. Complete the basic code of Web3 Auth, and launch crustwebsites and decoo ipfs

2. Complete the README file writing

3. Complete the Wiki description of the W3Auth service

4. Complete the integration of Crust Apps

Wiki Work Overview

1. Complete the W3Auth article

2. Organize the Build module, add Toolkits sub-module

3. Launch mainnet storage module

Other Work Overview

1. Completed the test of mainnet order

2. W3Auth contributes to the IPFS community

3. Propose optimization suggestions for IPFS Public Gateway

4. Complete the planning of Pancake, Bancor, Flow and other Bounty

Crust Grants

Subscan sPlorer

Crust storage browser on Subscan

1. Complete the adaption of storage module on mainnet, including: file order, Group, Owner, Member and other pages;

2. Launch Rocky internal test

3. Further optimization based on feedback



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